One & Only Chance!'s owner, Ed Magedson has made a big mistake! The federal law has protected him from defamation liability in the past but our team is working on a new case that will hopefully silence him. WE NEED YOUR HELP! This might be our only chance to shut down his website for good.


Let's gag Ed Magedson!

Help us fight this battle to the very end; we promise that we will not compromise but will settle for nothing less than a complete revolution… In other words, the eradication of this appalling website.


Pride before the Fall!

Ed Magedson's suffocating arrogance and self-styled invincibility complex is about to bite him where it hurts most. We all knew his day is coming; don't just sit back and watch, please help us shut down for good.


The Video that


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Google splits AdWord revenue from 50/50 with Ed Magedson. We need to send a message to Google for we will never tolerate this socially irresponsible profiteering.


RipOffReport Victims Unite

The Goal: Shutdown and gag Ed Magedson

Common Decency, Inc. exists in its present form for one and only one purpose. Our mandate is to bring relief to the estimated 1,000,000+* innocent victims of, and its owner Ed Magedson, by providing resources to help individuals as well as groups as a whole.

{* There are many more than 1.7Million reports, but it is assumed that 70-90% of the complaints are false}


BREAKTHROUGH: Our new tool guarantees to delete Ripoffreport from Google's first page of search results>>>

One of this boycott's cofounders created this tool to help fund the Ripoff Revolt, Feel free to try it for your self, Just enter the name, product or business name you are trying to protect in the field below:

Defamation 911

Visit for free DIY online defamation removal tips.

VICTORY - Sued Us & LOST! - We need to raise US$13,700.00 to have the suit dismissed >>>

Our boycott against RipOffReport has been so effective Ed Magedson directed his attorney's to sue us, and they lost! The boycott lives on. His attorney testified that the boycott has reduced their income by as much as $30,000.00 per month. (Watch video court testimony here: Ripoffreport Court Hearing on YouTube

Our ROR Legal Fund is Depleted Despite Our Victory

Please give so our recent victory against Ed Magedson & RipOffReport will not be wasted. Over 320 people promised to give, only nine (9) followed through.

We received over $12,500 in donations for the legal fund, and a lawyers have donated about $5000 worth of services. However, we still need to raise an additional $13,700 in order to have the case dismissed. If we cannot raise his money, and will ultimately win by default. Please donate, even if it is only $10.00.

Read more about the Ripoffreport law suit here >>>

Read about Ed's attorney, Maria Crimi Speth's allegations of death threats by our team, presumably in an attempt to gain an advantage in litigation. Read More >>>


Please complete our Ripoff Report Victims' Impact Survey >>>

The results of this survey will be used in submissions to the governments of USA, UK, Canada, Australia and others to change laws that allow catastrophic internet defamation. Complete Survey Here

Other Victims' Resources >>>


Social Activism

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What about the real scammers?

Ed Magedson has lost all claims to social heroism because he chooses a “we do not remove complaints” policy.


What's in it for us?

That same nice feeling we get when helping a little-old-lady cross the street.

The Team >>>

People behind this fight for justice:

Help With Social Activism Through Social Networking >>>

By following our group members on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking platforms, you can help raise public awareness as to the blight that represents to the community. More importantly, when you see interesting tweets or Facebook postings, you are encouraged to re-tweet,"like" and forward this information onto others in the community.

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By completing this form you will receive the occasional e-mail update about the progress we're making. We will also tell you about breakthroughs in the various cases involving RipOffReport and invitations to class actions etc. We will also share news of methods that other group members have developed with successful results in diluting the distressing effects has had on all our lives. You will not receive spam, only important and interesting updates. You can leave the group at any time.

But Doesn’t Expose Some Real Scammers? >>>

Yes it does, but is the cost of this benefit too high

It should be said that there is presumably tens of thousands of genuine scammers who are exposed through the website. However, the adage  “you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs” does not hold water when the cook is Ed Magedson.
Ed Magedson has lost all claims to social heroism because he chooses a “we do not remove complaints” policy, even when unimpeachable evidence is available to vindicate the falsely accused victims of his website. Free speech is not free! It always costs someone. If it costs the bad guys then it is great but if it hurts the innocent then it is bad for people. Yes, bad things do happen to good people.

How else can you help? >>>

Please join the “Common Decency Army” and help in the following ways:

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