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RipOffReport Victims Unite

The Goal: Shutdown RipOffReport website and owner Ed Magedson

Common Decency, Inc. exists in its present form for one and only one purpose. Our mandate is to bring relief to the estimated 1,000,000+* innocent victims of, and its owner Ed Magedson, by providing resources to help individuals as well as groups as a whole.

{* There are many more than 1.7Million reports, but it is assumed that 70-90% of the complaints are false

VICTORY RipOffReport Sued Us & LOST!

Our boycott against RipOffReport has been so effective Ed Magedson directed his attorney’s to sue us, and they lost! The boycott lives on. His attorney testified that the boycott has reduced their income by as much as $30,000.00 per month. (Watch video court testimony here: Ripoffreport Court Hearing on YouTube

Read more about the Ripoffreport law suit here >>>

But Doesn’t RipOffReport Expose Some Real Scammers?

Yes it does, but is the cost of this benefit too high

It should be said that there is presumably tens of thousands of genuine scammers who are exposed through the website. However, the adage  “you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs” does not hold water when the cook is Ed Magedson.
Ed Magedson has lost all claims to social heroism because he chooses a “we do not remove complaints” policy, even when unimpeachable evidence is available to vindicate the falsely accused victims of his website. Free speech is not free! It always costs someone. If it costs the bad guys then it is great but if it hurts the innocent then it is bad for people. Yes, bad things do happen to good people.

The Video

that Enraged


Other RipOffReport Victims’ Resources

Social Activism

Ed Magedson has lost all claims to social heroism because he chooses a “we do not remove complaints” policy.

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Free tips on suppressing RipOffReport articles

Many people suffer because of RipOffReport but don’t have the budget available to pay professionals to suppress the defaming article. This is why offers free tips and advice on suppressing negative search results yourself. 

Removal and suppression services

One of this boycott’s cofounders created the tool to help fund the Ripoff Revolt. His team suppresses and sometimes even remove RipOffReports from Google. 

The Team

People behind this fight for justice:

Michael Roberts

Common Decency, Inc. Founder

Michael is a thought leader in the areas of internet anonymity, abuse of electronic free speech and methods to protect victims of cyber bullies and defamation.

Believed to be the world’s first professional “Internet Bounty Hunter”, Michael Roberts had better reason than most to dedicate his professional life to catching cyber predators – he is also a victim!

Dr. Janice Duffy

RipoffReport Boycott Architect

Janice Duffy. PhD, has been unable to work since August 2010, she lodged defamation action against Google in the South Australian District Court because the search engine has refused to remove links to

Dr. Duffy is the brainchild behind the most successful boycott against to date.


We Need You To Help Fight

You can help by simply spreading the word, or helping with research.

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